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dating vintage traynor amps

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Dave Rutherford Has anyone tried a master volume dating vintage traynor amps at a Custom Reverb along with any success. I adoration this amp already after that I've only had it a few days. The preamp tubes are additionally old but the rectifier is a recent Sovtek I have marvel avengers academy dating abysmal things about Sovtek 5AR4's. YS This mean everything to anyone? With a few simple changes you can make it an exact copy of a Bassman, a JTM45, or else even have it rigged with a master book for a more advanced Marshall sound. Also, the tubes say Sylvania dm ADC, not sure but these are old or else new. Lee -- Indiana's best equipped hack guitar player. Working directly along with players, Yorkville engineers allow learned a great apportion. My '62 Fender Bassman has the covered cylinder rect. The circuit appear in my example is built on a phenolic steeple board instead of the Fender style fibre enter used on later Traynors.



It has a script badge similar to Fender's, considerably than the later apartment block parallelogram logo's. BTW - the Traynor in ask is my main custom amp i. Treat all and sundry here with respect, negative matter how difficult! Although seriously, can someone acquaint with me where to acquire more evidence? As the top plate is not removable, the amp is dirrectly bolted to it - the side bolts are not needed.

I'd be interested to attend to if yours has the same arrangement. I act a PRS guitar after that I'm wondering if dating vintage traynor amps are certain mods that should be done to this amp to make it more suited for guitar. I'm wondering if you might have your amp's date of manufacture, amiss. The amp has been converted to 6CA7's - probably a long age ago as the 6CA7's fitted are 'Made all the rage Canada' Sylvania's which be obliged to be more than 15 years old. Cleaned the pss out of it and put a 3 prong cord on it.

Dave Rutherford Has anyone tried a master volume mod on a Custom Reverb with any success. The serial isI did dating vintage traynor amps do research and from what I read online I accept as true it is from ? But seriously, can a big cheese tell me where en route for find more evidence? But there is enough advantage, then maybe I'll bear in mind launching this project. This is the part amount, not the EIA blind date code.

And, what values have you guys found work finest in the circuit? Does the YBA-1 handle a 4 ohm load? Your name or email address: Shortly there after, Jack Long started "Yorkville Sound", a small company so as to soon had more than just bass amps. Anyhow, my '66 YBA-1 has "modified" ink-written on the tube chart due headed for the change to the SS rectifier. I chosen up my first Traynor, a '72 I think? There's are two generations that I've seen before heard of in between:

How many of you arrange or can have scanned pictures of your beauties and would dating antiquated traynor amps to convey them in to arrange posted on this site? Do you believe this? The date codes at the pots are '67 and '68 which leads me to believe they are models. There is no plastic trim approximate the later Traynors. The amp has been change to 6CA7's - almost certainly a long time before as the 6CA7's en suite are 'Made in Canada' Sylvania's which must be more than 15 years old. Do you by now have an account? Bassman style cabinet, black fabric front: More...


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